Edit Your Manuscript With Ease

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Edit Your Manuscript With Ease

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Dear writer,

 Here is a quote from Stephen King, a renown writer.

“When your story is ready for rewrite, cut it to the bone. Get rid of every ounce of excess fat. This is going to hurt; revising a story down to the bare essentials is always a little like murdering children, but it must be done.”

—Stephen King, WD

This means every good story or manuscript was rewritten a number of times.Your first draft is usually NOT your best work.

You have to EDIT and rewrite your work.

The question is How Do YOU Do IT?

That's exactly what you'll discover here. 

There's a proven way , a process for rewriting stories. This process transforms your story ideas into masterpieces.

It is simple and POWERFUL.

I teamed up with Charles Opara (another writer) to reveal this proven editing process. This editing process is simple, effective and does not take all your time.

When you apply the editing process to your stories, you will notice your story ideas shining forth , like a a gold nugget polished out of a gold mine.

 You'll notice how people read your stories and can't drop it down until they are done.

Your weak stories ideas will be transformed into interesting stories.

Everything you need to know is revealed in this ebook training .

You'll discover the following...

1. The first is most IMPORTANT thing you must know about editing (this SHOCKINGLY simple secret has nothing to do with editing) (see page 5)

2. What you MUST do over and over again before your stories can shine (see page 5)

3. 3 parts of English language you should focus on when editing you work

4. What’s the best length of sentences and when to use long, short and mixed sentences? see answer in page 16

5. When and when to avoid using passive and active sentences in your writing ( with examples)

6. Common mistakes writers make when using passive or active sentences

7. 5 easy ways to make your writing easy to read

8. Delete these words from your writing and your writing will be short, concise and interesting

9. These interesting words confuses your readers , aboid them )see page 28)

10. A simple conversation trick that can help you write better

11. When and how to use metaphors ans similes in your writing

12. Why even great metaphors sometimes fail and how to avoid it

13. A special writing skill that wows your readers …ALL THE TIME (and how you can develop it FAST)

14. When and how to use pronouns , proper nouns and how to eliminate pronoun confusion in your writing (you’ll discover 5 rules)

15. Discover the hardest part of storytelling that every fiction writer MUST master and how to finally MASTER it FAST. (this is what differentiates the men/women from the boys/gals )

16. How to SIMPLIFY your writing so any reader and understand and enjoy your work

17. Secret way to use nouns and pronouns

18. A simple but proven way to decide what to “show” or what to “tell” in your story

19. A simple thing you can do with your MOUTH to edit your work FAST

20. How and what should you do to have great dialogues in your stories? (see answers in page 52)

21. 6 proven tips for writing interesting dialogues in your stories

22. How to deal with the “pests of the rewriting process”. (dunno what that means , see page 59 for details)

23. How abandoning your work can help you write and edit your work better (see this crazy technique in page 60)

24. 2 stupid habits that can help you edit your work faster and better

And many more.

Order Now to discover all these secrets. 

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