How To Write Fantastic Short Stories

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How To Write Fantastic Short Stories

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Dear writer,

There's a PROVEN set of steps for writing short "interesting stories ".This same proven steps transforms "newbie writers" into award winning "short story writers".

To write great short stories , you need to apply these steps.

How do I know these steps work?

To answer that let me introduce myself.

My name is Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam, and I am a short story writer, novelist and blogger.

My first novel Finding Love Again was published by Ankara Press. My second novel, The Heiress’ Bodyguard, was longlisted for the Saraba Manuscript Project Awards.

I have published short stories in several newspapers and literary journals including MTLS, Long Story Short, Fiction 365, Saraba, Tribes Write, Flash Fiction Press and others.

I have also published several journalism stories in newspapers. Awards and prizes include the 2014 ACT award semi-finalist, Cecilia Unaegbu flash fiction contest and farafinablog’s Voice of America flash fiction contest.

My short stories have been selected for Chimamanda’s Creative Writing Workshop(2010), The Nigerian Academy of Letters (2010), Fidelity Bank International Workshop(2011), Ebedi Hills International Residency Program, FEMRITE Uganda Residency Program (2012).

My stories were written using the proven steps you'll soon discover.

I compiled all these steps, in complete details, into a new training called...How To Write Fantastic Short Stories.

You'll discover....

1. How to generate compelling story ideas from the most unlikely places (you’ll be shocked at how the most mundane places, activities can be the greatest sources of story ideas)

2. The simplest ways to generate story ideas from other people’s lives (use this proven technique if you have no compelling stories of your own)

3. The quickest way to develop interesting characters for your stories

4. 2 important things you remember when developing characters ( miss these steps and your story will become boring)

5. Story plots and structures you should AVOID like the plague (some budding writers make this mistake and get frustrated with the work)

6. How to rework a bad story structure into an amazing story (this is easy to do and becomes second nature after you do it a few times)

7. How to paint vivid , unforgettable pictures your readers will almost never forget (this is what thrills your readers and wins awards)

8. How to start your story (the beginning of a story determines if people will read further. Get this wrong and people will get bored , yarn and dump your prose)

And many more.

Click the button on the side and download this short story writing secrets and finally start writing interesting stories.

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